EU Funded project to develop new lasers

Michelson Diagnostics, manufacturer of the market leading VivoSight OCT scanner, has been given a major role in an EU funded biophotonics consortium to develop a new generation of advanced lasers and light sources that are expected to deliver dramatic advances to diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

The four year “FAMOS” project has 17 partners from 8 countries and is led by Professor Wolfgang Drexler at the Medical University of Vienna. The consortium will focus its efforts on un-met clinical needs where optical diagnosis could bring huge benefits such as:

  • Replacing surgery with non-invasive treatments as the standard for the commonest type of skin cancer, by better monitoring of tumour response and clearance;
  • Reducing mortality from melanoma and colorectal cancers by earlier detection and accurate non-invasive diagnosis.

Michelson Diagnostics will join a world class team of Academic Institutions and SMEs with complementary knowledge including laser physics, engineering, computer sciences and preclinical sciences.

Jon Holmes Michelson Diagnostics CEO commented, “We at Michelson Diagnostics are very proud to be a part of the FAMOS project and look forward to working with the other partners. We are very excited about the potential to make further advances in the power of Optical Coherence Tomography to better diagnose skin cancers and other dermatological conditions”

For more information about the FAMOS project or the VivoSight OCT scanner, please contact:

t: +44 (0)20 8308 1695