In April 2019, Michelson Diagnostics and Sciton Inc have signed a new business agreement that leads to an exclusive distribution agreement for North America. Sciton is one of the world’s premier medical laser companies.

The 4 main treatment applications using a Sciton laser are:

  • OCT-guided laser treatment of Non-Melanoma skin cancer
  • OCT-guided laser treatment of hard to treat vascular lesions
  • OCT-guided laser treatment of striae ( stretch marks )
  • OCT-guided laser treatment of surgical scars.


With OCT, laser settings and depth parameters can be set exactly to the skin a clinician is treating. This has never been achieved before. This allows clinicians to offer deeper, more effective, personalised treatment whilst at the same time dramatically reducing the risk of scarring. VivoSight OCT precisely visualises and measures blood vessel depth and distribution as well as uncovering individual skin and pathology variations.

For more information please read the VivoSight laser-guidance brochure. For information about how our users are incorporating OCT into their range of clinic treatment options please feel free to contact us.

The VivoSight scanner is also being used to guide laser treatment of Napalm victims from the Vietnam war. See video below.

Do you remember this photo? The VivoSight scanner is being used to guide treatment of Napalm victims of the Vietnam war

For Aesthetic Laser Surgery, VivoSight is partnered with Sciton Lasers.