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Maximize versatility and performance

VivoSight’ s offerings are constantly evolving. With the future in mind, we are continually working to enhance the VivoSight user experience. Our users can rest assured to always have the latest, state-of-the-art technology available to them.

Laboratory Fixture

Increased utility for laboratory research

Precision stand for the VivoSight OCT handheld probe converts VivoSight into a powerful OCT microscope for scanning laboratory samples. Fine adjustment in all 3 axes makes sample analysis easy, convenient and accurate.




VivoSight provides for attachment and image upload of DermoScan dermatoscopes:

  • Combine dermoscopy with VivoSight OCT in a single workstation.
  • Dermatoscope images are displayed
DermoScan dermatoscopes for VivoSight OCT Skin imaging
VivoSight screen with dermatoscope window
DermoScan dermatoscopes for VivoSight OCT
DermoScan dermatoscopes attach to unit and upload images onto screen

Software Upgrades

New VivoSight Dx software releases occur two to three times per year with improvements to the software functionality and ease of use. Customers with support contracts receive an annual software update to their VivoSight free of charge. From time to time, Michelson may also release new major software upgrades which will be available for an extra fee.

New 3D graphical display features

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