Transdermal Drug Delivery with Energy Devices

See the whole picture of channel creation, patency and drug uptake

  • Understand morphology and measure dimensions of device created skin defects
  • Explore dynamics of spatiotemporal channel closure
  • Monitor delivery of topicals and drugs into the epidermis and dermis
Gold microparticles are highly reflective (arrows) and well recognized from the surrounding skin in OCT scans. Image courtesy of Fuchs [4]

VivoSight Imaging in Laser Assisted Drug Delivery [3]

VivoSight Imaging in Laser Assisted Drug Delivery [3]

  • VivoSight identifies laser channels as black ablation defects in epidermis and upper dermis, surrounded by a characteristic pattern of hyper- and hyporeflective zones
  • OCT visualizes heterogeneous material in the lower part of open laser channels, indicating tissue fluid
  • In-vivo imaging of gradual spatiotemporal closure of laser channel over time

Microneedles & Transdermal Applications

See “APPLICATIONS –> Research –> Microneedles & Transdermal Applications” for more information.

VivoSight image of microneedle array immediately after skin insertion. Courtesy of Ryan Donnelly, Queens University, Belfast, UK


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