Visualize Skin Morphology
to a Depth of > 1mm

Measure Morphologic and
Angiographic Changes

Visualize & Quantify Treatment Effects for:

●   Immune and Inflammatory Skin Disease

●   Non Melanoma Skin Cancer

●   Vascular Conditions

●   Microneedle Research

●   Skin Ageing and Skin Quality...

Objective Measures
in Skin Therapy

Quantify Changes in:

●   Epidermal Thickness

●   Superficial Vascular Plexus Depth, Diameter and Density

●   Surface Roughness

●   Blood Flow at Various Depths

●   Collagen Density...and more...

Inform Therapy Options and
Monitor Treatment Response

Advance the Practice
of Dermatology

Multi-beam OCT: Breakthrough Imaging Performance

A powerful and versatile imaging tool that provides objective measurement of multiple parameters in skin research


Comprehensive Brochure to experience VivoSight