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Measure Morphologic and Angiographic Changes

Visualize Skin Morphology
to a Depth of > 1mm

VivoSight DX visualise and quantify treatment effects for:

  • Immune and Inflammatory Skin Disease
  • Non Melanoma Skin Cancer
  • Vascular Conditions
  • Microneedle Research
  • Skin Ageing and Skin Quality
VivoSight Dx Product shot 3/4 shot with display of skin imaging

Multi-beam OCT: Breakthrough Imaging Performance

A powerful and versatile imaging tool that provides objective measurement of multiple parameters in skin research

3D rendering of D-OCT image of skin BCC showing vessels and rotating

A powerful and versatile imaging tool that provides objective measurement of multiple parameters in skin research. VivoSight is designed and manufactured by Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. (MDL) in Kent, England. Our flagship product, VivoSight Dx, is a state-of-the art Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system.

VivoSight OCT . How it works

An optical analogue to ultrasound imaging using lasers

OCT is an imaging technology based on light and optics. Similar to the way ultrasound uses sound waves, VivoSight OCT uses eye-safe infrared scanning laser light to obtain a 3D block of image data at a higher resolution (< 10 μm) compared to other modalities.

With an ultra-wide field of view of 6 mm x 6 mm and a depth of 1 mm, the user is able not only to see deep into the dermis but also get the full picture of the sub-surface microstructure.

Diagram explaining principle of OCT with multiple scatterings filtered out
Diagram of scanning method used by VivoSight showing multiple image frames and position on skin
3D rendering of block of skin tissue imaged by VivoSight

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UMMC Observant article release header

Societal benefits of faster skin cancer diagnosis highlighted

Optical Coherence Tomography, OCT, has the potential to speed and simplify diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma Basal Cell Carcinoma, BCC, …
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Vivosight OCT Skin Imaging publications in 2023

Top-3 OCT Skin-Imaging publication topics in 2023

Optical Coherence Tomography, OCT, is being widely adopted for clinical, research and commercial skin-imaging applications As the leading dermatological OCT …
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Dermatological Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging available in Korea

Michelson Diagnostics is delighted to announce that it has received Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, MFDS, (formerly the …
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Explore the research and clinical applications for VivoSight

Advance Your Research and Development Programs

VivoSight Dx in combination with VivoTools image analysis software visualizes and quantifies treatment effects.

See the Whole Picture to Improve Outcomes

VivoSight Dx produces high resolution imaging and measurement of skin sub-structures and vascular networks to aid in patient care