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Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

VivoSight is a valuable research tool in the visualization of BCC and monitoring of treatment effects

Structural, cross-sectional OCT image (image size: 6 mm x 2 mm; imaging depth: 800 μm) of the nBCC lesion. The white asterisks mark hyporeflective ovoid structures corresponding to tumour nests; thin arrows mark dark peripheral borders at the margin of a hyporeflective ovoid structure; the thick white arrows mark the dermoepidermal junction; the black asterisk marks focal thinning of epidermis; the thick black arrow marks a hair casting a shadow. Image courtesy of Themstrup [4]

Dermatoscope and VivoSight Dx images of nodular BCC

  • Nodular BCC on the back shows sharply outlined ovoid hyporeflective structure (thin white arrows) with a bright surrounding stroma and a thinner epidermis above the lesion (thick white arrow).
  • Serpiginous vessels in branching shape forming an outlined figure can be seen in D-OCT en-face view. Images courtesy of Welzel, Schuh [1]

VivoSight can aid in the identification of suspicious lesions

Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value for three examination techniques [3] Note: OCT is not a substitute for biopsy. Individual results vary and depend on user experience

VivoSight Monitoring and Measurement of BCC Treatment Effect

Topical Treatment

Before imiquimod therapy (visit 1)
Same patient at 1 week with imiquimod therapy (visit 2)
Patient treated 1 month with imiquimod (visit 3)
Patient 4 weeks after ended imiquimod therapy (visit 4). Epidermoid cysts (confirmed histopathologically), represented by the hyperreflective ovoid structures with hyporeflective cores have replaced the BCCislands

Lazer Treatment

VivoSight scans of BCC before and after laser treatment, showing a marked reduction in vascular supply to the tumor.

  • Top: structural views of BCC before (left) and immediately after (right) laser treatment
  • Bottom: en-face views at 150 micrometers depth of BCC before (left) and immediately after (right) Nd:YAG laser treatment

VivoSight quantifies changes in the superficial vascular plexus and VivoTools calculates vessel density by depth. Images courtesy of Ahluwalia, Ortiz [5].

Photodynamic Therapy

Monitoring of PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma

  • Measure the effects of treatment on number, appearance, depth, thickness and lateral extent of lesions
  • Final outcome three month after second treatment

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