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Skin Care Products & Skin Health

Describe skin texture with objective, relevant metrics

VivoSight Dx is indispensable for development of skin care products and for research on general skin health:

  • Quantify the effect of skin care products
  • Objectively compare topicals and anti-aging creams
  • Detect and quantify inflammatory response to skin preparations
  • Determine trend effects at any point in time
  • Analyze skin variation and treatment response as function of demographics and environmental factors
VivoTools 3D image of skin surface microtexture, color coded by skin height.
VivoSight Dx skin roughness measurement illustration
VivoTools measurements of skin roughness Ra, Rq, Rz
In real-time and non-invasively, VivoSight Dx provides objective data on:
  • Skin surface roughness to quantify changes in wrinkles and texture
  • Epidermal thickness and visualization of DEJ 
  • Skin and pores morphology
  • Attenuation coefficient as proxy for collagen density
  • Inflammatory response via vascular changes


Measurement of skin roughness parameters
  • Arithmetic mean roughness (Ra)
  • Highest peak to lowest trough (Rz)
VivoSight OCT scans of three areas of skin analyzed with VivoTools to extract skin roughness Ra

Lower to higher Ra values with increased skin roughness. The average surface variations indicated by green (low) and red colors (high)

Visualization of skin recovery
  • Left: Skin surface right after Microneedle Array Patch removed
  • Right: 21 hours later
VivoSight OCT 3D topographic image of skin immediately after microneedle array patch removal
VivoSight OCT 3D topographic image of skin 24 hours after microneedle array patch removal

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Explore the research and clinical applications for VivoSight

Advance Your Research and Development Programs

VivoSight Dx in combination with VivoTools image analysis software visualizes and quantifies treatment effects.

See the Whole Picture to Improve Outcomes

VivoSight Dx produces high resolution imaging and measurement of skin sub-structures and vascular networks to aid in patient care