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Proliferative Vascular Lesions

VivoSight measures depth, diameter and density of vessels in vascular lesions

Angiographic optical coherence tomography imaging of hemangiomas and port wine birthmarks. Lasers in surgery and medicine. 2018 Sep;50(7):718-26. Dr Jill Waibel - Miami Laser Dermatology Institute

Kelly and Waibel et. al. [1] used VivoSight and showed that vascular lesions have a broad range of vessel diameters and depths.

Successful therapy is based on the principles of Selective Photothermolysis (Anderson and Parrish, Science 1983) which requires:

  • WAVELENGHT that is preferentially absorbed by the desired target structure
  • Laser pulse width that is less than or equal to the thermal relaxation time of the vessel targeted as determined by VESSEL DIAMETER
  • Sufficient radiant exposure, FLUENCE, to reach a damaging temperature in the target. VESSEL DEPTH can impact fluence requirements.
VivoSight DX Dynamic Optical Coherence Tomography (D-OCT) images of Vascular Lesions, Port Wine Birthmarks, Hemangiomas - Dr Jill Waibel, Miami Dermatology Laser Institute
The wide variety of challenging vascular lesions requires better data on the underlying vascular pathology for better treatment

VivoSight vascular measurements inform treatment parameters for therapy that is targeted to lesion characteristics.

Measurements of Blood Vessels in skin by VivoSight Dynamic OCT
3D rendered image of Blood Vessel Structure using VivoSight OCT.

Clinical Application Areas:

Port Wine Stains, Hemangiomas and Rosacea show a wide variety of vascular metrics, requiring a more individual treatment approach:

VivoSight Dynamic OCT image of Rosacea. Dr Jill Waibel Miami Laser Dermatology Institute
Rosacea: • Plexus depth: 265 μm • Vessel diameter: 119 μm • Vessel density: 34 %
VivoSight Dynamic OCT image of Port Wine Birthmark. Dr Jill Waibel Miami Laser Dermatology Institute
Port Wine Stain: • Plexus depth: 168 μm • Vessel diameter: 234 μm • Vessel density: 46 %

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