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VivoTools - Supercharge your OCT with advanced image analysis

VivoTools is a software suite for the analysis of VivoSight OCT images. It is for Investigational Use only (research applications).

VivoTools Automatically Measures

  • Changes in vascular density by depth
  • Epidermal thickness
  • Skin surface roughness
  • Optical attenuation as a proxy for collagen density and skin hydration

Changes in vascular density

Quantify the density of vessels by depth in the dermis.

Average epidermal thickness

VivoTools can measure the average epidermal thickness over the entire 6 x 6 mm scan area.

Surface roughness

Roughness measures include peak to trough, average roughness and 3D image.

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The scanning laser beam produces up to 500 cross-sectional slices (frames) per scan, creating a 3D image that can be reviewed by frame and at any depth
Individual sectional slices put together into a 3D image block (“loaf of bread”)
VivoSight multi-beam technology offers resolution of 7.5 μm throughout the depth of the image.

Patented Multi-Beam Technology

The outstanding imaging performance is the result of multi-beam technology. Four beams of light, each focusing at a different depth, give the user not only a higher resolution but also a deeper penetration depth compared to a single beam system.


Explore the research and clinical applications for VivoSight

Advance Your Research and Development Programs

VivoSight Dx in combination with VivoTools image analysis software visualizes and quantifies treatment effects.

See the Whole Picture to Improve Outcomes

VivoSight Dx produces high resolution imaging and measurement of skin sub-structures and vascular networks to aid in patient care