Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. (MDL)

A passion for healthier skin and happier lives

VivoSight is designed and manufactured by Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. (MDL) in Kent, England. Our flagship product, VivoSight Dx, is a state-of-the art Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system.

MDL believes that VivoSight OCT images and measurements give scientists and clinicians access to valuable information about the skin not readily available by other means. We believe OCT provides users with The Whole Picture of skin instead of just part of it.

Our purpose is to realize highly cost-effective, unique OCT applications for everyday use in skin research facilities and dermatology practices. VivoSight images and measurements can provide researchers and clinicians with valuable information that can help them deliver healthy skin for happy living.

Jon Holmes, CEO and co-founder of Michelson Diagnostics, with VivoSight Dx.

MDL was formed in March 2006 by five physicists and engineers and is the world leader in practical OCT dermatology applications. Since its inception, the flagship VivoSight product line has been cited in over 350 publications.

Michelson Diagnostics founders Bill Gilkes, Jon Holmes, Simon Hattersley, Martin Johns and Gordon McKenzie (left to right).

We nurture curiosity and collaboration for our staff and stakeholders to deepen mutual domain knowledge.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to gain new insights and are continuously improving VivoSight performance to address the needs of researchers, healthcare providers and the patients that we all serve.

Technicians Rory Kershaw and Matt Jones working onsite in Maidstone on the VivoSight DX.

Meaningful applications are major drivers for MDL. VivoSight’s capability to look into the skin, aid in pathology assessment and monitor therapy effectiveness allows for a more optimal management of challenging cases.

Dr. Jill Waibel (Miami, FL) uses VivoSight Dx to assess large area scar tissue on Kim Phuc ("Napalm Girl") for a more comprehensive treatment.